Course in Northern Germany

Sv Großefehn

IFJ in association with Steven Turek was a guest at SV Großefehn in East Frisia. In addition to game principles and forms of training, there was also great interest in Coach²!


The spirit of " IFJ in the club " became perfectly clear on this sunny Sunday. 23 coaching colleagues came together, discussed and showed great interest in the ideas of the 29 year old. "We made a summary of game principles from all phases of the game," said Steven Turek, explaining his plan, "and then package it in handy game forms, similar to what coaches should do with their players." In contrast to other lectures, he did not focus on a specific tactical topic, but instead focused on linking the principles to training. There were numerous tips on coaching, control elements and the combination of different forms of play.


In addition to the regular content, Coach² was also of great interest to the participants, who were informed about the new online trainer certificate during the breaks. A participant who has already completed the first modules summarized his first impressions: "If we go to the field and offer training, we don't bring our license, but our competence and that's what Coach² stands for". After the event, several trainers ordered (more information at ). This high level of self-motivation was also evident in the seminar itself.


The many qualitative inquiries and discussions during the breaks were particularly interesting. “The offer is for the trainers on site. With questions we can of course help individually and offer solutions. The participants were great, ”summarized Peter Schreiner.


In addition to the perfect organization on site, taken over by SV Großefehn, several sponsors supported the training with small gifts for the trainers. The BFP Versand provided a small block and a mini magnetic board. Taktifol, a longstanding partner, provided each trainer with a mini set consisting of foil and pen.