Trainerseminar Siegen

Motivated Coaches in Siegen (Germany)

Presentation for 23 Coaches

In November 2019, a live seminar with Steven Turek took place in Siegen with a total of 23 participants.


Fast switching - the key in modern football


In the context of the Umschaltspiels Steven presented different principles to ball loss and ball win moments. He referred directly to his principles on game scenes from the top football and clarified his ideas continue to appropriate forms of play. Not only did he focus on tactical content, but he explained many valuable details for communicating content, coaching and training.


Presentation of Coach² and great interest


Another program item was the presentation of Coach². Steven described the processes in the Easy Sports campus and provided insights into the content of the online coaching training in which he and his colleague Jonas Stephan have worked for over two years. Numerous inquiries and the great demand for Coach² rounded off the event.


Not only national guests were interested in Coach² and content related to the switching game. Milosz Stepinski (Women's National Coach, Poland) and Mohamed Khamassi (Switzerland) found their way to contemplative victory.


Sponsorship package


The seminar was supported by Taktifol (field foils) and Webhaus57. One participant was allowed to look forward to an individually designed tactic board.