Steven in Dubai

Steven Turek in Dubai

Coaching Course with over 40 Coaches from the Emirates

Great Coaching Course with Steven Turek in Dubai

"Tactical Ideas" and "Scoring Goals" in four day Course

For a week Peter Schreiner and Steven Turek visited Dubai and conducted a great coaching seminar. On four evenings with four hours of presentations the two Germans showed different facets of the technical and tactical game. The contents and presentation styles complemented each other perfectly and provided a thoroughly interesting seminar.

Peter Schreiner talks about "Scoring instead of Shooting"


Peter Schreiner introduced the eight stages in the training of scoring. In short theoretical introductions he showed the characteristics of each stage, as well as important details. In practice, he showed suitable exercises and forms of play and thus created a perfect connection between theory and practice.

"I have been coming to Dubai regularly for almost 10 years, and I am always looking forward to the coaches. This time the quality of the coaches allowed much more difficult drills which benefited the presentation. I am already looking forward to our 10th anniversary next year." - Peter Schreiner


Steven Turek "Counterpressing" and "Attacking against Low Block Teams"


Steven Turek combined theory with small sided games. In his usual point-to-point analyzes he showed the most important points in counterpressing, the differences in the game against a back 4-chain compared to the game against a back 5-chain and linked them with memorable exercises. In addition, he presented detail coachings in game forms for an optimal learning success. He added a presentation of the German junior system and gave more than 40 coaches impressions of scouting, selection and training of German talents.

"I am very grateful that I was able to present my ideas for the first time in the Arab world. Every time you come back from a trip like that, you have gained valuable impressions that develop you as a human being and a coach. Thanks also to Mohamed Afifey, who organized the seminar top and provided unforgettable impressions from Dubai." - Steven Turek



In addition to the presentations in the evening, there were numerous other program points on the agenda. Thus, Steven Turek and Peter Schreiner visited, among others the German Soccer Academy in Sharjah. There were numerous photos and memories for the children of the football school, where nearly 100 children regularly train together.


Talks with Marcel Lucassen


Further Steven Turek and Peter Schreiner met Marcel Lucassen (former DFB, Hoffenheim) and talked some football. Marcel Lucassen is the technical director of Al Nasr Club in Dubai. Lucassen described his work and vision for the first division from Dubai. This includes a complete game philosophy for all youth teams, including a clear periodical structure.