Steven in Bulgarien

Steven Turek in Bulgaria

Coaching Course for Pro and Academy Coaches

More than 100 Coaches listened to a Lecture on different Attacking Styles against the back 4 and back 5 chain

"The own tactics also depends to a large extent on the opponent," said Steven Turek within his speech. "We can not believe that ideas against a back 4-chain work equally well against back 5-chains". The core elements of his ideas described the current U16 coach of Hannover 96 in theory and practice. "Implementing fundamental strategies in different and variably principles is key," says Turek, who described the exact difference in the behavior between the chains against the back 4 and 5 in the next step. Not only did translator dr. Nestor Yourouow help him, but also different video scenes from top football. "Just because a coach does not have the player level, does not mean that basic principles of the game do not apply," Turek clarified the meaning of his remarks. "When two top teams compete, it's easy to see what works better and what not in general. This is then packaged in strategies and principles and can be used in training."

Not the drill itself is decisive...​


On the basis of small sided games the 27-year-old showed that the selection of drills is indeed important, "but it is more important to rediscover and provoke the principles shown earlier." So Turek used a simple 1 on 1 game drill and changed the entire context with just a few nuances. "One would be a behavior against a back 4, the other against a back 5". He also underlined that it was important to give the players a context, but also the participants understood the demonstration intuitively better because of the theory ahead. "Making the connection to the actual game again and again, so that players know what they are currently working on is key," Turek concluded his demonstration under applause.


There were different first-class and academy trainers from Bulgaria - the most prominent participants were Ilja Gruew (head coach MSV Duisburg), as well as the head of football teaching in Bulgaria dr. Yuri Nikolov. A total of six nations were represented at the seminar. In addition to Steven Turek, Peter Schreiner (gap passes), Matthias Nowak (Technical Training), Jens Lang (Exerlights) and Nikolay Iliev (Life Kinetic and Organizer) presented. Further presence from Germany was created by Taktifol, the company based in the Pfalz sponsored a StarterSet for each participant.