Steven Turek in Lohne

Local Course in Lohne

40 Coaches

More than 40 participants found their way to the "Lohneum" in tranquil Lohne and followed the young coaches' explanations of the principles of the game against the ball, training planning and practical implementation on the court.


From theory to space


The start was at 10 a.m. with the welcome of the participants by Peter Schreiner (Institute for Youth Football Organization), representatives of NFV Kreis Vechta, Dirk Feldkötter (organization on site) and finally Steven Turek.

With a story about Max Planck, Turek opened his theory and clarified the important difference between understanding and understanding content. "In football, topics are often mentioned so that everyone can have a say. But what can be done when, few can name," said the youth coach from Hannover 96. To change that, he presented step by step principles in the game against the ball the principles of building lines, retrieving lost lines and using the tactical foul. "I see the game against the ball differently than before. I always learn things from Steven," Peter Schreiner described the theory in a nutshell.


"It was our third time in Lohne, the first time with Steven. The conditions and the organization on site are really great. It is particularly impressive that the group plays along and even credits coaches for extra time. With the lectures from Steven all around a great thing for the coaches! " - Peter Schreiner


How does training planning work?


After a short breather, we started with the concrete training planning and the question of how the principles learned can be used systematically and meaningfully in training. "With Coach² , of course, Steven created an insane coaching course. He makes sections of it available in such seminars for the participants. It's just great," says Schreiner. So he described the concrete structure until you come to a focus, pack it further and develop it in the long term. In addition, he gave insights into the new and completely online-based coach training program Coach².


"I was particularly looking forward to the practice. Unfortunately, demonstrations are not always possible   to offer. Thanks to the help of BW Lohne we were able to implement it this time. The added value for trainers will be a lot higher. "- Steven Turek


Football is on the field


"What I was really looking forward to is the opportunity to practice," said Turek. And you could see that. In a total of two hours he showed us numerous forms of playing against the ball and switching to ball winning. It was not the game forms themselves that were particularly decisive, but the coaching and the influence of the trainer such as enlarging the field and changing the number ratio. "In practice it's about little things that make the difference. Steven can do that like no other," said one participant.


"It was worth the trip again. Steven always has points that make me think again and what I learn from. Thank you for this day " - participants


Graduation with gifts and certificate


As at the end of each seminar, each participant in Lohne received a certificate to remember, a Taktifol starter set and a mini ball from the Derbystar company.