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Bring Steven Turek to your Coaching Course

Lectures and Pitch Demonstrations

Theoretical Lectures and Workshops

Steven Turek over the year appeared in multiple Coaching Courses and Lecture all over the world (Slovakia, Dubai, Italy, Belgium and more). Now you have the opportunity to bring him to your Coaching Course also. Al you have to do is send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What can the participants look forward to?

Steven Turek proved over the years that there are a lot of topics within football that he is good to talk about. He can talk about a specific tactical topic as Counterpressing, Attacking against low Block teams or Pressing Resistance. Also more recently he talked more about how to exactly construct and coach drills and plan them long term. Also as in Dubai he over the time of one week gave a whole football coach education. All depends on yours needs!

What are the Costs?

That depends on the number of lectures or days Steven will be there. Normally it is paid for all expanses plus a fee that is negotiable.


Potential Topics


  • German Top Level Tactics

    • Fundamental Attacking Strategies

    • Attacking out of the Back Three

    • Counterpressing

    • Attacking Against Low Block Teams

    • Pressing Resistance

    • Pressing

    • Counter Attacking

  • How to construct training and enhance learning of you players

  • More

Steven Turek Speaker.jpeg

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