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German Top Level Tactics

German Top Level Tactics
Fundamental Attacking Strategies

Find Solutions against a 4-4-2 Formation. With lots of Details and Training Exercises

German Top Level Tactics
Attacking Out of the Back Three

You want to Start playing out of the Back Three? Then this eBook gives you all you need to know.

German Top Level Tactics
Attacking with the Long Ball

You can kick and rush or purposefully play long balls. With this eBook you can do the later.

German Top Level Tactics
The Art of Counterpressing

Losing the Ball isn't a Problem as long you has a plan to recover as soon as possible. This Booklet gives you all you need to know.

German Top Level Tactics
Attacking against Low Block Teams

This is how you play against teams parking the bus. Nearly 100 pages with details, coachings and all you need.

German Top Level Tactics
Pressing - Resistance

If the opponent is pressing high this Booklet gives you all the solutions your teams needs.

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German Training Concepts

German Training Concepts
32 Drills in the Passing Diamond

Passing, Passing and passing time and again. One way to train it with 32 variations. 

German Training Concepts
Think, Run & Play Vertically

Everything you need to know about playing into the depth - with lots of drills and principles.

German Training Concepts
1 vs 1 Mastery

Numerous drills to develop your players 1 vs 1 abilities - defensively and offensively

German Training Concepts
Creative Drills & Competitions

This one is cool. Creative ideas to surprise your players and make them competitive no matter what.

German Training Concepts
36 Drills in a Circle

One Form - nearly unlimited amount of drills. From Warm Ups to Drills find everything you need.

German Training Concepts
23 Drills in the Passing Triangle

Another one about passing, passing and again passing. Find 23 drills within one shape!