Steven Turek Duderstadt

Local Coaching Course near Göttingen

25 Coaches

Over 30 interested coaches learn more about attacking football and counterpressing

Duderstadt and the JFV Eichsfeld were the first hosts for " IFJ in the club ". In just under 4 hours, Steven Turek talked about different ideas about attacking football and counterpressing and, in particular, trained regional and club coaches.

The trainers could not only look forward to interesting content, but also to a smooth organization in a pleasant atmosphere.

Steven Turek about the seminar:

"For me it was a great morning with interested participants. The interjections and thoughts from the group make such seminars what they are. Many thanks to Jan Ringling and the JFV Eichsfeld for the great organization"

TAKTIFOL donates starter sets

In addition to numerous tactical insights and ideas for detailed training forms, the participants were able to look forward to a Starter Set Taktifol!