Steven Turek in Edenkoben

45 Coaches


For the third time this year Peter Schreiner organized a live tactics seminar with Steven Turek! Not only two other sponsors were new at this event, but also the international participation. Philip Müller (Switzerland) and Sebastiano Filardo (Turin, Italy) are the presidents of their respective national coaching associations and at the beginning addressed a greeting to the participants who initiate, play through, complete and secure attacks - EM 2016 analysis "

But not only the guests of honor, who found their way to the Palatinate at the invitation of Jürgen Zinsmeister (Taktifol), took a long trip. Numerous participants also drove by car or train for several hours to take part in the seminar (2 participants even found their way from Vienna to Edenkoben).

In the first part, Steven Turek presented basic attack strategies against deep opponents. He differentiated between defense formations that act with a 4 or 5 defense chain . Based on this, he explained different strategies against the respective formations, explained the differences in detail and showed game scenes from the previous European Championship. A special feature was the detailed freewheeling behavior and the creation of strategies that cause several problems for the opponent.

In the second part, the young trainer showed several forms of training with which the previously explained strategies can be trained. The participants were made aware of the small subtleties in coaching and the control of training forms.

After lunch, the subject was counter-pressing for another 2 hours! Here, too, Steven Turek used video scenes from top football and showed principles that can be broken down to all levels. He emphasized the importance of the ball-owned organization and explained his idea of ​​"safe and unsafe spaces". Other points were the pressure on the ball leader and variations in counterpressing. The participants received numerous criteria to make the best decision in every game situation.

The second large block also ended with training forms. Again, the importance of training forms and their control was emphasized, so that the participants could go home with numerous suggestions for their own training!

Participants look forward to a large sponsorship package

The participants were not only able to enjoy exciting content, good food and exchange of content, but also generous gifts!

So the participants received a Starter Set from Taktifol with several foils, pens and much more!

IFJ provided a practice DVD by Peter Hyballa and Natural Forces sponsored a refreshment roller for every participant! All in all worth over 80 euros!

Philip Müller (European Trainer Association) about the seminar:

"I think it's good that besides traditional training there is such an offer as Peter Schreiner and Jürgen Zinsmeister have put together. I'm particularly impressed by the participants. They don't get any training points, so they are exclusive and sincere to them Interested in content - that makes me very happy "