Pressing - Resistenz (DVD)

Tactics seminar in 2 parts

  • Tactical principles

  • Solutions against delivered shots, game situations on the outside and in the center

  • Attractive forms of training with numerous details

  • Over 100 minutes of game time


Pressing resistance is the ability to identify opposing pressing, to resist it and to overplay it in a targeted manner. Exactly these three steps await you in this new seminar. Learn just as much about the necessary individual skills as well as team tactical strategies if your team is to be faced with problems through aggressive attack pressing. In addition to detailed solutions on the wing and in the center, you will receive targeted improvements that you can make when your kick is delivered!

The seminar is rounded off by practical and easy-to-integrate forms of play. Here you will find all the principles and game solutions again, creating a direct link between theory and practice and making your team resistant to pressing!


In the first part of the seminar Steven Turek presents principles and concrete game solutions for the game against high pressing. He specifically addresses team tactical and individual behaviors and qualities that are necessary for the following game solutions. Different solutions for the following situations are discussed in detail:

  • Delivered kicks

  • Ball on the wing - directed inwards

  • Ball on the wing - directed outwards

  • Ball in the center


In the second part of the seminar, Steven Turek presents numerous concrete game forms with which pressing resistance can be improved individually as well as in the group. Among other things, small game forms are shown in which the players have to recognize, assess and overplay the increasing pressure - skills that are brought directly into the game! All forms of play are described in detail, with a wide variety of variations and adjustments for different levels and group sizes.

Zdenek Sivek

Czech Coaches Association

Excellent webinar!

Brilliant presentation!

Andris Singer

Slovakia Coaches Association

I want to thank you for the good webinar. Very precise selection of illustrations and game scenes. Thank you for the interesting topic and the excellent forms of play.

Reinaldo Rueda

Chilean National Coach

Thanks for the interesting webinar. Warmest greetings from Chile!