Open and use pass routes

Tactics seminar in 3 parts

In his first tactics seminar, Steven Turek systematically presents ideas for attacking. The seminar is divided into three components. All parts deal with different basic tactical situations with game solutions and forms of training.

The four selected excerpts from the tactics seminar open pass routes and use show the breadth and depth in which the author designed his seminar.

Video # 1 shows a training idea for the tipping 10.

Video # 2 describes one of the many game solutions on the wing from 4: 3: 3 - the covert double pass!

Videos # 3 and # 4 include other types of training. On the one hand, a simple but effective form of fitting - in absolute detail! On the other hand, Steven Turek explains the 4 against 4 plus 3 form of play known from Barcelona and Bavaria.

Zdenek Sivek

Czech Coaches Association

Excellent webinar!

Brilliant presentation!

Andris Singer

Slovakia Coaches Association

I want to thank you for the good webinar. Very precise selection of illustrations and game scenes. Thank you for the interesting topic and the excellent forms of play.