Dominant counterpressing

Tactics seminar in 2 parts

Counterpressing has been one of the dominant topics in football tactics for years. Different national and international top teams such as FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and FC Barcelona can rely on reliable and effective counterpressing in their game. In a new online seminar, Steven Turek is now presenting ideas for: "Dominant counterpressing". In two modules, he initially devotes himself to principles and tactical game solutions. In the second part, training forms are presented in order to be able to train counterpressing effectively and close to the game.


In the first part of the seminar, Steven Turek devotes himself entirely to the theoretical basics and behaviors. He presents detailed behaviors that lead to effective and reliable counterpressing. He answered the following questions during the seminar:

  • What measures must be taken before a ball is lost?

  • How does a team manage to put pressure on the ball leader when the ball is lost?

  • How can a team control the ball environment in counterpressing?

  • How does a team behave after a successful / failed counterpressing?


The second seminar is all about training forms. First of all, Steven Turek makes basic comments on what needs to be considered if counterpressing is to be trained. He goes into the importance of control elements and detailed coaching. Then he derives individual components that can be specifically trained and controlled. In the main part, he finally presents 18 practical and easily varied forms of training. The focus of each type of training is on the respective variations and detailed coaching.

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