Modern attack strategies

Practical seminar

In the first part, Steven Turek shows detailed coaching using different attack strategies. A theoretical introduction deals with the importance of tactical elements such as position discipline or game relocation for the direction of a team. As a result, basic behaviors are derived and put into practice. In practice, a passing game form with numerous variations and detailed coaching is shown as well as different small game forms for positional discipline, for dribbling and for shifting the game.


Detailed coaching counterpressing

Practical seminar

In the second part, detailed coaching revolves around counterpressing. In a theoretical introduction, basic behaviors for successful counterpressing are illustrated and divided into trainable elements for practice. These elements are reflected in all forms of play. Steven Turek uses different games on ball stops, games with different colors, games on mini goals, but also games on two large goals to train these elements in detailed coaching! The demonstration group are the U19 and U17 of FC Hennef 05!