Gruppenfoto mit Otto Rehhagel

Derbystar Congress 2019

Otto Rehhagel & Coach2

The Institute for Youth Soccer presented the Derbystar Amateur and Youth Training Congress for the third time in a row. This year Steven Turek presented new topics, Otto Rehhagel sang a song and the new learning platform for coaches "Coach2" was launched!


Strategic Defense and Counterattacking


With two theoretical and two practical parts, Steven Turek was once again heavily involved in the congress. This year he celebrated several premieres. On the one hand he was the third time at the congress, on the other hand he only presented new topics! Until now, he devoted himself almost exclusively to issues relating to possession of the ball, but now he presented principles for playing against the ball and possible countermeasures. He also changed his presentation structure. "I have found that many stick to the game solutions that I present. It is even more important to me that the principles behind them are more understandable. This is how every trainer can design his game solutions," said the 29-year-old. And that's exactly how he presented. Linked well-formulated principles with impressive videos and clear game forms. In practice, he then dealt more with smaller control elements that can decide whether a game form is successful or not.

When he played the counterattack, he sometimes raved himself. "In research, of course, you stumble across Liverpool, as well as France and Belgium, that's a brutal counter quality", he first went into how counter attacks can occur, that they are based on good and strategic defense work, and explained principles such as " Get out of print "and" 2nd wave "on. "Counterattacks develop in exactly the same way as all things in football. Teams are now defending their ball loss more and more, which has an impact on the counterattack. It's an eternal process." The participants were interested in the current status of this process, took notes, asked questions and asked afterwards for further information.


Otto Rehhagel sings a Song


The highlight of the congress was certainly Otto Rehhagel. On Saturday, the German and European champions took a lot of time for the participants, took selfies and talked for an hour about his eventful coaching career. He did not hold back with anecdotes, sayings and stories from Bremen, Greece and everyday life.

He demonstrated literary qualities in quotations from Schopenhauer and lines from the sorcerer's apprentice. He was also musically up to date, sang a song and started others. In his own way, he explained why he never flew to the training camp, why the Greeks became European champions and what he thinks about the relationship between young and older coaches. The bottom line is an outstanding appearance!


More Speakers with their special Topics


In addition to Otto Rehhagel and Steven Turek, Peter Schreiner presented a total of nine speakers. The newcomer Markus Böker talked in four parts about training preparation, exercise control and nutrition. Willy Kaspers presented passport forms. Peter Hyballa convinced in practice with fake runs and his inimitable coaching style and Athanasios Terzis shone with his tactical knowledge of a total of 17 international guests!

Coach² starts


Announced a year ago, over two years of development at the congress Coach² (pronounced CoachTwo) was finally launched. Jonas Stephan and Steven Turek supervised numerous interested trainers at their booth over the weekend and presented selected content from their courses on Sunday. The "TrainerSein" module was particularly impressive, in that it encouraged coaches to find, order and question their own values in order to be able to make a firm basis for decisions in all areas of football. So Steven presented the values for Coach² and every trainer could participate. This was followed by a colorful mix of many modules. Jonas talked about how players make and execute decisions and what "individual game-related training" is all about.

Afterwards dozens of trainers used the introductory price, brought Coach² to life and ended the Derbystar Congress 2019!