Derbystarkongress 2018

Derbystar Congress 2018

Over 140 Coaches

As early as 2017 , Peter Schreiner proved that he can organize first-class congresses for coaches of all levels. In 2018 he repeated his event - the 2nd Derbystar youth and amateur coaching congress. Steven Turek was one of the keynote speakers and presented a total of five times in theory and practice.


Pressing Resistance


On Saturday Steven Turek presented for the first time. In the morning he presented the theory and in the afternoon he put his content into practice.

His first lecture was a classic tactical lecture on pressing resistance . With numerous video scenes, he showed several solutions for deliveries, as well as different pressing strategies. He gave the participants practical tips and guidelines that were later discussed again in practice. In the right practice, he concentrated primarily on suitable small game forms in which the principles can be trained simply but effectively.

Tactical Periodization

He packed his second major topic under the term tactical periodization. He repeated basic training principles, an opportunity to categorize training forms, classify them and combine them sensibly. At the end of the theory, he presented a complete training unit on the intermediate chain game, far from the usual "warm-up, main part, conclusion" model. In practice, he impressively demonstrated how a small change in the structure can fundamentally change game forms. He also demonstrated how game forms can be adapted to the actual game level.