Gruppenbild Derbystarkongress

Derbystar Congress 2017

200 Coaches and 12 Speakers come together

On Sunday, 25 June 2017, around 12 pm, different emotions could be observed. On the one hand, the facilitated organizers, whose monthly preparation and tireless commitment ensured pure relief and pride for an outstanding event. On the other hand there were the 200 participants, who were happy to drive home with many new ideas. And ultimately the speakers, whose full commitment to numerous practical and theoretical sessions provided for visible exhaustion. In one, however, all agreed - a unique experience, that in 2018 necessarily a continuation needs!

3 Day's full of Presentations


The participants enjoyed four parallel lectures. As a rule, a choice could be made between two practices and two theoretical lectures, and they could be interchanged.

The following partly internationally recognized speakers showed their knowledge:

  • Peter Hyballa


On Saturday the former coach of Alemannia Aachen, Sturm Graz and NEC Nijmegen showed two practical demonstrations on packing. He impressively demonstrated the transfer of the theoretical concept ("packing") into the actual training process. Combined with his inimitable coachings this was a real highlight of the congress.

  • Matthias Nowak


Whoever did not know it before, came along rather confusedly and deliberately. He demonstrated creativity training in football and let the participants learn how complex firstly easy exercises can be.

  • Ralf Jaser


Frequently, the first meters are the decisive when it comes to getting the ball or not. That's why Ralf Jaser presented how to improve one's first step with and without a ball.

  • Matthias Lochmann


Football 4.0 - the motto under which Matthias Lochmann further developed Horst Wein ideas about rubinho. He presented new technical solutions for a more optimal conditions in children's football.

  • Goalkeeper training with Marco Koop and Christian Lasch


If you did not feel like a field player, you were right here. An own group exclusively with goalkeeper trainer was excellently provided by two well-known experts with information.

  • Wayne Harrison and Athanasios Terzis


International touch got the event by the world famous authors and coaches from California and Greece. Wayne Harrison presented his concept of "Soccer Awareness" in theory and practice, while Terzis showed tactical principles and behaviors of different international top teams (Dortmund, Barcelona, Juventus, etc.) - a real highlight!

  • Anders Gieske


"Offense wins games - defense wins championships" - detail training in the defensive 1 against 1 was not missing. The former professional player showed down to the last detail how personally duels can be actively won.

6 Lecture in 3 Days


Steven Turek also had a full program. With a total of six lectures in theory and practice, he stood in the program and showed: The game against low-block opponents, counterpressing, position play and 1 vs 1 in different form.



Peter Schreiner was very happy to have reliable and competent partners who supported the event 100%. This includes the main sponsor Derbystar, who provided information on the new Federal league ball in the entrance area. On the other hand, there were also long-standing companions such as Taktifol, who were always available for a good conversation at their stand and provided the participants with their playing field foil.

Other supporters were: Hudl, Speedclub, DFA, Fupa and Reviersport.