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Coach² - Better coaches for better players

Coach² (pronounced CoachTwo), that means: Become the best trainer you can be!


We offer you a complete education from the basics of the training to the development of focal points, the construction of training forms and entire training units to the specific improvement of your players and last but not least yourself as a trainer!


Your development is in the foreground


All modules are designed in such a way that you are able to transfer the content quickly and easily into practice. We don't just string together training forms that you simply copy, but work together with you to ensure that you can flexibly incorporate key areas into different forms of play and coach variably. No more searching for the right type of training - after Coach² you can design your own suitable training type and know exactly what is important!


To know means to know the background


Instead of talking about specific tactics or forms of exercise, we take a step back and look at the basics of each topic and, in the next step, dive into football. Let yourself be surprised how logical and simple most of the contexts can be and understand, for example, very intuitively why classic exercises should (almost) not play a role in football, what the 'flow' state has to do with football and how you can naturally lead your team.

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Norbert Elgert

"Coach² offers football coaches the opportunity to expand their knowledge online in order to carry out targeted talent development and qualified training."

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Prof. Dr. Peter Frei

"With Coach², Steven and Jonas are breaking new ground in digital and interactive learning - a novelty for professional, targeted and individualized training work!"

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Vahid Hashemian

"I enjoyed working intensively with Coach². I find that Coach² is very informative for amateurs and can even inspire professionals."

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Dr. Gerd Thissen

"My many years of experience convincingly confirm the usefulness of Coach². I therefore wish the numerous participants every success!"

Coach² is something for all trainers who ...


... are not satisfied with the status quo,

... always have the feeling that there is even better,

... want to continuously develop,

... want to understand the background to learning and development,

... want to offer their players the best possible training,

... want to understand why some top performers fail at the crucial moment while others thrive right there,

... want to make better use of their endless hours on the training ground.


"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Wayne Dyer


You learn - like your players - graphically, quickly, for maximum accessibility when it matters!

We have designed all modules in such a way that they also achieve maximum learning success for you. In short units (modules) with graphic examples, practical videos and memorable stories, you follow Jonas and Steven through the courses. Interactive tasks and tests ensure your learning success and give you the opportunity to try out the content directly and to exchange ideas with colleagues.

How do you know...


... that as a trainer you always call up your maximum performance? In the last course, we dedicate ourselves to exactly these topics that nobody talks about. What does leadership really mean? Why are your core values ​​as a coach a crucial component for you and your team? How do you effectively and safely make the best decisions about line-up, player selection and substitutions? All topics that hardly a coach training covers, but form a foundation for every trainer. We will also discuss with you how you can assess your players even better, why the relationship between training and break is more important than you thought and why the weekend result should take a back seat.


“Coach² is exactly what we need these days. New approaches, lateral thinking and modern communication methods make football coaching appear in a completely different light. "- Peter Schreiner (long-time trainer and founder of the Institute for Youth Football)


More than just modules


We offer you more! Each module contains further links to interesting videos that we have put together for you. You will also find literature recommendations for books that have inspired us and that can give you an in-depth look at the individual topics. We have also given studies and meta-analyzes as sources for you.

In order to be able to work directly with the Coach² ideas, you will find extensive download material for many modules (further examples, training planners, annual planners, checklists for players and coaches) - of course adapted to Coach².

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Easy entry and certificate


The 30 modules are divided into six clearly laid out courses. We recommend completing all six courses in the specified order in order to guarantee maximum learning success. In addition, all courses are also available individually and flexibly. Trainers who successfully complete all 30 modules including all tests receive the exclusive Coach² certificate.

Start Coach² now and become the best coach you can be!


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