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In June 2019, Steven Turek completed a very special project. After magazines , DVDs and numerous live performances in recent years, he realized the vision of a complete trainer training - based online. In collaboration with his good friend and colleague Jonas Stephan, he designed 30 modules that help coaches develop their potential.

Trying to contribute

"It was just time to summarize all the books, videos, training sessions and impressions that have been read over the past few years and explain from scratch how training works," Turek explains his motivation. The authors also start in the same way - namely fundamentally and answer the question "How does learning actually work?" "If you really work intensively on it, you quickly come across clear principles of what works and what doesn't," says Turek. "This step was incredibly important in order to identify causes and to give trainers a good basic understanding." In a total of five modules, the two football coaches deal in detail with the latest learning theories, give interesting examples and encourage viewers to develop their personalities. "One of many tips, for example, is without having to learn the cell phone in the room. It is clearly proven that content will get stuck better," continues Turek. Just one of many examples why Coach² the " idea machine can be" for the viewer. Once these basics have been laid, the concrete training planning continues. "Honestly: Where do most coaches get their focal points from, how do they plan them in the long term so that players get the best possible improvement? These are all questions that concern us, where we simply want to make a contribution that it gets better . " And they do. Without exception, the authors received positive feedback in the first weeks after the publication of Coach².

Für mich hat sich dieser Kurs sehr gelohnt und ich denke, jeder der sich intensiv mit seinem Trainerdasein beschäftigt und nicht nur 0-8-15 will- ist mit Coach² auf der richtigen Spur- wenn nicht sogar auf der Überholspur!

Ercan Linke

Steven Turek und Jonas Stephan gehen mit Coach² neue Wege digitalen und interaktiven Lernens – für professionelle, zielgerichtete und individualisierte Trainingsarbeit ein Novum!

Prof. Dr. Peter Frei

Besser noch als das Online-Format hat mir die Breite und Tiefe der Inhalte gefallen. Fußball in einen gesamtgesellschaftlichen Kontext zu stellen, hebt sich wohltuend von den klassischen Ausbildungskontexten ab. 

Dirk Feldkötter

It's about training, your players and you

"You have to think about it once: we have our players between two and four times a week in training, so plus arrival and departure, we have maybe three hours of influence - then it is our duty to make everything that happens during this time as perfect as possible possible, "explains Turek. The training is the largest part of the work and is accordingly 'recognized' with 20 modules in Coach². In addition to the basic information on learning mentioned, this knowledge is finally transferred to learning in football and packaged in key areas. These focal points can then be variably trained in different types of training. "The basis is the principles of the game, which can be made trainable with triggers" One of the real assets of Coach²: coaches are immediately able to recognize priorities, analyze the game and be able to train directly in every age group. "We are helped by numerous practical recordings that were made in spring 2018." Based on these, but also numerous graphics, comics and animations,

all content is presented clearly and excitingly. All modules do not just build on one another. The content of the first modules will also become important later. Some insights are also prepared with overlays or hints - including the player modules. The first step is to develop a plan for each player. What is he good at? What is his weapon What must and can still be developed? "All questions that we address in the player matrix". It continues with the phenomenon "flow". This is a classic example of how Coach² connects everyday topics with football. Because here the coach not only learns how he helps his players to achieve top performance, but also himself. "The last area that was particularly important to us was 'coach'. So the question of how we and as coach actually develop, how we become the best version of ourselves. In this area, too often, one learns far too little, "Turek explains the last five modules. They could

also good and happy to be the first modules. Starting with "TrainerSEIN", every trainer embarks on an inward journey. He has to think about which values are really important to him, arrange them and formulate a statement. "Many of us know what we're doing, but why are we really coaches? That sounds trivial, but it's far from it." The first trainers are already reporting on the added value of this exercise. It continues with the modules of leadership, self development and self-organization, which should not only advance the viewer, but also have brought a lot to the authors. "It was just as exciting for us to find out these things and effects. Our ideas have also changed enormously in the development of Coach²."

2 years of development with an innovative format

Schon 2016 stand die Idee: Einen Inhalt schaffen, der grundsätzlich vermittelt, wie es um 

the trainer existence is ordered. At the beginning there was the idea of ​​a textbook. "But after the first talks, we rejected that. The format is not interactive enough and simply does not do justice to our content," reports Turek. "Based on an idea from Peter Schreiner, we then considered trying something completely new - an online learning platform". And finally it has become so. The Easy Sports campus has recently been home to Coach². The platform enables you to learn intuitively step by step. In addition to the interactive tasks that Stephan or Turek set in each module, there are also tests within the system that must be passed. Easy Sport-Campus can be used from anywhere and works just as well on a cell phone as on a laptop. Upon successful completion of all modules, there is even a certificate sent by post. Steven Turek: "But please: the certificate has a purely non-material value. In the process I would like to quote a graduate from Coach² who says it better than I could:

'When we trainers on the pitch and work with our players, we bring our competence with us and not our certificates'

And that's exactly what Coach² is about: your competence "

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