Steven Turek Rede

Coaching Course in China

Steven Turek visits Beijing

For a week, Steven Turek visited Beijing and trained 30 trainers from the Tongzhou region and experienced exceptional hospitality in addition to football and culture.


5 days dedicated to tactics, coaching and training planning

On behalf of the Ministry of Sport of the Beijing district Tongzhou Steven Turek presented in front of 30 coaches principles of the game in possession and ball loss moments. Turek said after his 9-day trip, "The language is of course a bigger hurdle at the first moment, but after only a few units, we found the right rhythm and were able to get detailed about the different principles, for example, in Counterpressing entertained." The delegation of Hannover 96 was supported by a professional translator, who lives and works in Hannover for 15 years. "When the invitation to Hannover 96 came, we did not have to think twice," said Johannes Plecksnies (Sporting Director

Hannover 96 U10 to U15), who traveled to China with Turek. In addition to theoretical units, in the afternoon mainly practice units were on the program in which the crucial points in coaching e.g. were discussed. "Many trainers were able to grasp the content extremely quickly and were able to manage really good drills at the end of the week - especially worth mentioning because many colleagues sometimes had very little experience on the pitch," says Turek. In other topics, the importance of small sided games and ball possession games (Plecksnies), as well as principles of training (Turek) were clarified.


Supporting program with a lot of culture and interesting insights


In addition to the sporting program were also daily trips on the program. In addition to the Chinese Wall and the Forbidden City, the two employees of the Hannover Academy also visited the small streets of the city center, the so-called Hutongs. "One took care of us for one week. We are still thrilled with the hospitality we experienced",  says Plecksnies.

But also in education and school Turek and Plecksnies got insight.

So they visited the resident elementary school with almost 2300 pupils, led training and designed a tournament, which coached the participants of the seminar.

Football Association relies on regular exchange and sustainable concept


"The euphoria and enthusiasm for football by the players and coach, but also the president of the Tongzhou Association, was particularly exciting, a basic feature that is now lacking in some places," says Turek, who is counting on a continuation of the seminars in China. "We ourselves have gained a lot of experience in how we can better prepare our presentations to cater to the coaches. We would like to deepen many of the contents and maybe even coach individual coaches ", Steven Turek gives an outlook on a potential follow-up event in 2020. Mr. Wong, initiator and president of the Tongzhou Football Association, also warmly welcomes "We are very enthusiastic about the work by Johannes and Steven. We are working hard to repeat this type of seminar with the two."