Steven Turek at the Association of German Football Coaches


Steven is a regular guest in various association groups and trains trainers with A and football instructor licenses. At the end of 2015, he gave his first lecture in the North Rhine association before the eyes of Frank Schaefer and Bello Möhlmann. He also gave further presentations in the North Rhine Association (practice - counterpressing) and the North Association (theory - pressing resistance)


Conference reports


At the invitation of the North Rhine Association of the Association of German Football Instructors (BDFL for short), Steven Turek gave a lecture on September 28, 2015 on the subject " The Art of Counterpressing" at the Duisburg-Wedau Sports School!


The conference started with Dr. Gerd Thissen, who provides information about further training and events in the association. He then briefly summarized the conference and introduced the first speaker of the day, Steven Turek.

In about an hour, the young coach presented ideas for counterpressing, using video scenes from top European football (FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich). He went into variable play styles and outlined principles that must be fulfilled at all times to be able to play counter-pressing. Training forms ended the successful lecture.

The second part of the conference was designed by and with professional trainer Benno Möhlmann. It started with a 45 minute trainer interview in which he brought parts of his wealth of experience closer to the participants.

Trainers belong on the pitch - so a practical demonstration by Benno Möhlmann rounded off the conference. He trained and explained the importance of 1 on 1 situations using different simple and complex forms of training. Individual discussions with different trainer colleagues rounded off the day.


Second Presentation is on the Pitch


At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Gerd Thissen (Association group North Rhine) about current events of the BDFL. He particularly pointed out the upcoming International Trainer Congress. He then introduced the first speakers of the day. Two VBG employees provided information on preventive measures for professional and amateur footballers. You presented the complete test battery, which provides a detailed overview of different parameters such as range of motion, static motor control and dynamic motor control two to three times a year. It is particularly interesting that VBG supports this program and further training as part of its bonus program. In addition, the VBG provides many tools free of charge on its website, including practical Excel tables for easy evaluation, as well

Instructions and more information. The participants were also able to look forward to free brochures and further information.



The second part of the training was all about counter-pressing. Half a year ago, Steven Turek presented the principles and details for successful counterpressing using video scenes and animations. In order to further deepen this topic, principles and details have been put into practice. With the kind support of the U19 from MSV Duisburg, Steven Turek was able to demonstrate various small game forms with numerous variations and coachings! It became clear once again that successful counterpressing already begins to be in possession of the ball and must therefore be part of a complete attack strategy!

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