Coaching Course near Hanover

30 Coaches


Day 1: Numerous tactical subtleties

Saturday's weekend seminar was all about tactics. In two parts, Steven Turek presented different tactical finesses and information from the area "game against deep opponents". He always went into valuable differences in the game against a 4 or 5 chain and underlined his ideas with scenes from top football. To be able to convey these game solutions easily, numerous forms of training were presented to improve the game against deep opponents!

After the lunch break, the topic was "counterpressing". The speaker made a clever transition between the two subject areas and showed how the game in possession of the ball has a decisive influence on the possibilities of switching. In addition, he pointed out further points in order to be able to use counterpressing effectively. This block was also completed with numerous suggestions in the area of ​​game forms!

Day 2: Mediation ideas and completion in practice

The second day was all about teaching technical or tactical focal points in training in the form of a workshop. The participants were impressively presented with the latest approaches such as creating pictures, setting an intention and using triggering actions with numerous slides (more on this here ). Many participants showed active participation and created a very lively and positive atmosphere! The game ended in the adjoining hall, in which different examples from theory could be experienced and coached up close.

Steven Turek about the seminar:

"A big compliment to all participants! The willingness to train independently without the need to extend the license speaks for every single participant! This willingness to learn extended over both days and created a very positive atmosphere in which both participants and I had the opportunity to get better and experience lively exchanges. "


Each participant in the seminar received a sponsorship package from the Institute for Youth Football, Derbystar, Natural Forces and Taktifol!

Taktifol sponsored a starter set! With foils, pens and much more worth € 15

IFJ packed a DVD worth € 59.95 (football development model by Horst Wein) for every participant on top!

Natural Forces sponsored an Active Roller worth € 17.90 for each participant

Derbystar provided each participant with a polo shirt worth € 26.95.